Samuli Lyytikkä

Age: 28

Living in Frankfurt, Germany. Born in Finland

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish

Pets: Tessa, 7 year old Corgi Pembroke

Hobbies: Yoga, Acroyoga, Bouldering, Cycling


Self-taught photographer & Digital Marketing professional

My dog (and photomodel) Tessa.

My dog (and photomodel) Tessa.

Hi. And welcome to my website. I am a self-taught professional photographer, currently living in Frankfurt am Main, germany (born in Finland). I moved to Frankfurt in July 2018 to pursue a new career in a new company, and to find new memorable experiences from this wonderful city and country. Currently I am working as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at DJI (world’s leading photography drone manufacturer), as well as freelance photographer. I have gathered my experience through self learning throughout the years. I started photography when I was seven years old, and received my first film camera. Later on I continued to digital photography by purchasing my first DSLR camera from Canon, and have now been photographing more seriously ever since (over 8 years).

I love and am specialised especially in portrait photography, and retouching images. I do not do photoshopping (photo manipulation), but rather only adjust the colour space of the photos, to maintain natural look in my work. I also prefer working without artificial light, by utilizing natural light. This way my work keeps its most natural form, and provides most life-like results. Outside of portrait photography, I am also doing wedding photography, event photography, landscape photography, aerial drone photography and animal photography (especially dogs).


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